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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Location

All that press was enough to get us kicked out of the First TN Pavilion. Hurray!

Quite typical of a new polo scene. Most clubs have to move a few times before they find a good spot. 

We (the players) are not bitter. We understand that the incorporated people of this world have something to lose and that these types of people find it really hard to trust anyone at their word. So this will not be a tirade of insults being thrown at those responsible for our banishment, even though that would be a lot of fun.
No, we must look forward and envision a fun world where bike polo can exist freely and without hassle. In East Vancouver they have created the first bike polo specific court! Check it out:

As the article points out, bike polo can generate tourism (which means $) to a city. So we'll have to remember to not rent the TN Pavilion for our tournament. 

The new location is at the tennis courts at Kelly St. and Union Ave, Chattanooga, TN. And our weekly games will now be subject to weather. If it's raining at 5pm on Monday, don't show up to polo.


  1. I'm not showing up no matter what.

  2. Well it'd be sweet if you did. We have some tall players you could be throwing some shoulder checks at!